Just a hop, skip and a jump from the intersection of Hixson Pike and Hwy 153, 2 Crazy Greeks is a recent addition to the Hixson area. Housed in a tiny building that used to be home for a BBQ joint, it now stands as a beacon of all things Greek.

The owners of this family affair have owned seven different restaurants ranging from a food truck to an actual restaurant in Greece. Their arrival was marked by painting the entire building in the likeness of the official flag of Greece. Subtlety is clearly not in their nature.

Have one conversation with either of these Greeks, and there’s no mistaking their Mediterranean heritage accented with a touch of New York City swagger. Listen a little longer and you’ll start to realize there’s something more going on in this little building. Call the restaurant and you’re likely to hear “Thank you for calling 2 Crazy Greeks. This is one of ’em. How may I help you?” Ba-da-boom, ba-da-bing!

Besides the food, what makes the place unique is the interaction in the kitchen among family members. We asked and were told everyone working at 2 Crazy Greeks is related. Step up to the order window and you may be transported to the set of My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Relax. You’re with family.

Want more? The elevated wooden deck on which you ascend to place your order is cozy to say the least. As an added bonus you may get the chance to actually converse with the other patrons. These friendly, conversational collisions add to the charm of the place as you get asked “have you eaten here before?”

The place feels authentic because the people are authentic. Think My Big, Fat Greek Wedding and deal with it. Now on to the food.

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