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Exploring Chattanooga Restaurants

There’s no denying it. Chattanooga is experiencing a renaissance. Cruise around town by car, boat, bike or on foot, and it’s easy to spot signposts of change¬†happening in Chattanooga.

Art is exploding. The arts are in full swing thanks in part to organizations like ArtsBuild,¬†Art120 and AIGA. Sustainability and eco-conscious urban planning combined with technology and entrepreneurship are blooming thanks in part to organizations like green | spaces, The Company Lab, the Chamber of Commerce’s INCubator and the recently launched Innovation District.

Cultural events like Jazzanooga and the Chattanooga Film Festival are bringing needed diversification to the Scenic City. The link between food and culture is an undeniable bond that helps push boundaries. When one flourishes, the other is not far behind.

Which brings us to food. Everyone here at Chattanooga Eats is passionate about finding great local eats. Our goal is to provide useful reviews designed to give the reader a true sense of what restaurant experience awaits them.

As more ethnic choices become available, the culinary landscape of Chattanooga becomes more interesting. So as the makeup of the South evolves so does it’s restaurants.

What are we interested in? What’s new, what’s a mainstay and what’s delicious. We’re not food critics, but we are seekers of great meals, and good times. If you want to join us on our journey exploring what Chattanooga restaurants have to offer, sign up for our email newsletter featuring restaurant news, exclusive chef interviews, new reviews and podcast updates.