Dish Review of Fiamma Pizza Co's #4

Seductively simple, yet sophisticated.

Fiamma Pizza Co’s #4 is seductively simple, yet sophisticated in a European kind of way.

Fiamma #4 Pizza

Take a seccond to imagine that you’re in Italy experiencing the sights and sounds of this culinarily-beloved country that’s elegantly shaped like a boot. (Is it really any wonder that Italy is a fashion mecca as well?)

You come across a bustling trattoria packed with patrons seated at tables that spill out onto the sidewalk. You grab a seat and order a pizza. As you wait, the thought of eating in Italy, the birthplace of pizza, makes your face light up with glee.

Before you sink your teeth into that first slice take note, though. Neopolitan pizza is unlike its American counterpart. It’s made different, has slightly different ingredients and is a completely different experience altogether.

Neopolitan pizza has half the calories of American style pizza. It won’t weight you down, but then again, it may not fill you up the same way. It’s light. It’s airy. Viva la difference!

That said, now we can talk about Fiamma’s #4 Pizza. Check out this simple list of ingredients:

  • dough
  • sauce
  • meatball
  • mozzarella
  • ricotta
  • basil
  • olive oil

Fiamma firmly believes their pizza combinations are just right—so right, in fact, that they don’t allow substitutions or add-ons. They do, however, allow you to build your own. Just don’t mess with their pre-fixed combos.

The #4 Pizza is a perfect blend of ingredients. Its simplicity is its genius. The flavor of each shines through in every bite. The intense red tomato sauce bursts into flavor when it touches your tongue and you know right away that’s the good stuff. The pizza tastes about as fresh as one could get. The crust is soft, light and airy. The mozzarella and ricotta were proportioned just right so the latter was not overpowering.

But the star of the #4 is the meatball. It’s a blend of beef and pork mixed with fennel, oregano, basil, salt, pepper, cheese, bread crumbs and egg. You’ll crave more when it’s done. Maybe Fiamma will give their meatball a starring role. As a standalone appetizer, perhaps? Mmmmmmm!

As we mentioned before, Neopolitan pizza is light by nature. So, if you’re going to be sharing your pizza with a freind or a loved one, big appetites should consider pairing it with a salad or side.