Up Late With Midnight Snack

Seems nowadays everyone wants home delivery. We can have delivery from almost every kind of restaurant in town thanks to Dinner Delivered. Weekly Fig does it with groceries. There’s even a local service to deliver alcohol straight to your door.

Why not cookies? That’s the question Mark Ellers and Erich Espenschnied asked themselves before launching Midnight Snack—Chattanooga’s first small dessert delivery service. You order cookies, and they deliver them straight from their oven to your doorstep.

Warm, moist, ooey gooey cookies delivered anywhere downtown? Stop the press! Yes, it is true. Midnight Snack will deliver anywhere within a 15 minute driving distance from their secret location in Highland Park.

Craving chocolate chip cookies while chilling on Chestnut Street? No problem. Call or Facebook message them and get the hook up! Their current offering includes five varieties of cookies plus brownies. Deep into the interview we were able to get a little insight into where this whole this is going. Exciting time for lovers of small desserts and whatnot.

They’re only open from 7pm-1am Friday & Saturday for now. Listen to the podcast to hear more about this wonderfully crazy new company.

Midnight Snack's company policy

Midnight Snack’s company policy