The Bitter Alibi’s Jason Bowers and Matt Skudlarek

Get comfy and join Carlos and Jon for the very first episode of CHAeats. We’ll be serving up a figurative full meal complete with drinks and appetizers (restaurant news and events), main entrees (guest interview), and desserts (CHAeats happenings).

Jason Bowers and Matt Skudlarek shared the backstory of how The Bitter Alibi came to be and how they created one of the coolest brunch & bar spots in Chattanooga. They are intentional about their external communication, and they have adopted a playful online voice that resonates well with their audience. When we asked Matt and Jason discuss the BA vibe, and whether or not it’s maintainable, the response was an emphatic:

“We set the music. We set the light, and we set how we treat people. The rest falls into place”    

Matt and Jason also shared their thoughts on the current restaurant scene, and what needs to happen for it to get better. Want to know how they came to “take over” The Farmer’s Daughter? They discuss that too.

When we asked these restauranteurs which local restaurants they enjoy around town, they responded with restaurant names and specific dishes they routinely devour. Included were The Carnivore Stuffed Sandwich at Terminal, BBQ at Chatt Smokehouse, Burger w/Awesome Sauce at The Pub, the Cuban at 1885 and more.

For dessert Carlos and Jon share the vision of Chattanooga Eats and what it’s all about. We’ll be dishing up reviews & news of local restaurants, street eats (food trucks, trailers and carts), DISH reviews, Kid Reviews, coverage of events featuring local chefs and what Chattanooga can be (will be) known for in the culinary world in an ice cream dish with whipped cream and a cherry. Enjoy!