Podcast #3

Featuring Brittany & Danny Alcala, owners of Embargo ’62 & Ceniza along with Head Chef Eduardo Amoedo

In the 3rd installment of the Chattanooga Eats podcast, we had the pleasure of sitting down with the operations group for Embargo ’62 & Ceniza. After their success in Miami, Fl with Fox Hole, Brittany, Danny and Eduardo have been working tirelessly to bring unique, big-city concepts to Chattanooga. After almost two years of planning and a few bumps along the way, Ceniza opened in Ooltewah to rave reviews. Part cocktail and cigar lounge, part fusion of Caribbean flair and Southern classics, Ceniza is at the heart of the fun going on in Cambridge Square.

Embargo ’62 is the group’s authentic Cuban Cantina concept located on Northshore. It was an immediate favorite for transplants of South Florida and typical downtown-goers alike, and just celebrated it’s one year anniversary.

The group comes from a very diverse background, so much of our conversation centered around how they adapted successful techniques to a new market. We also discussed what additions they think would help elevate Chattanooga’s food culture. Detailed decor, outstanding service and a little bit of personality all have to come together to be successful in the restaurant industry, but without amazing food, it can all crumble quickly. You don’t have to worry about these restaurants or the concepts they mention off camera. The food is legit. So are the people. Listen to podcast #3 for a taste.