A good burger in Chattanooga is enough to people get riled up. Trust us. The data from our Burger Month Poll back in May proves it. Over 1,600 people voted for their favorite burger in 5 distinct sections of Chattanooga. The overall winner- to no-one’s surprise, really- was Tremont Tavern with over 40% of total votes. We visited each winner in the week following our poll, but it’s hard to stay away from Tremont. We find ourselves there a few times a month and we wanted to give you the low-down a specific burger.

The Hixson Pike staple has a variety of sandwiches, soups and salads on the menu, but as we mentioned, the most popular options are the burgers. You can’t go wrong with pimento cheese and onion straws, a fried egg, Havarti and Horseradish mayo, or jalapeño and ancho-cilantro dressing on your burger. You can also substitute your meat for grilled chicken or an in-house black bean patty. All of the above are worthy foes, but the Durty Gomez is our go-to.

The Neidlov’s bun that surrounds each burger melts in your mouth, but the 50/50 chorizo and house beef combination sets this burger apart. It’s plump and juicy, but the texture is like nothing else in town. After they dressed our patty with fresh-cut avocado and pepper jack cheese, they delivered an explosion of flavor. That’s what comes standard on your everyday Durty Gomez. We don’t usually settle for the mundane, so we add a couple strips of bacon to round out the meat extravaganza. We would suggest the lightly fried chips or a salad as your side. Fries are going to push you towards an edge you don’t want to go over.

Overall, a visit Tremont Tavern is going to be great no matter what burger gets eaten. Our beer choice may change, and the friendly person serving might be different, but we can’t stop, won’t stop eating that Durty Gomez.